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Conditions for Rental App

Applicant(s) should confirm the property is still available with a Windermere Property Manager prior to submitting a rental application.

Windermere Property Management will not refund application fees. Windermere Property Management will not accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report, which is a report prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of and paid for by the applicant.

Do you have a Fraud Alert or Freeze on your Credit Report? If yes, you will need to have it permanently removed. Confirm it has been removed before submitting your application or a re-screening fee will be charged. NOTE: Typically, a fraud alert will not allow a screen at all where a freeze will run but no credit information will return.

After submitting an application, the Application/Screening fee of $40.00 per applicant (18 and over) will be charged to your credit card and become Non-refundable. A re-screening fee will be charged for applicant data entry errors on Social Security numbers, birth dates, etc. Credit and Criminal Background Checks will be provided by a third-party screening company. Applicant(s) are required to provide a valid form of identification and proof of income.

Conditions for Move-In Funds: Applicant(s) will have 48 hours after notification to sign a lease agreement and pay all monies necessary (a minimum of first month’s Rent and Deposit, no exceptions) to secure the unit by cashier’s check or money order.

Conditions to Complete the Rental Application: You must provide three (3) years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references. You will also be asked to provide proof of monthly income. Gross income must be at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.

Prior to Submitting Application: Applicant(s) must have driven by and viewed the interior of the property prior to applying.

Conditions for Landlord References:

  • Verifiable residence history.
  • Unverifiable residence history may require additional security deposit and/or monthly advance payments of rent.
  • Home ownership will be verified through credit report, tax record, and/or Real Estate Agent(s).
  • 3-day notice(s) may result in denial.
  • NSF checks may result in denial.
  • Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent may result in denial.
  • Rental history showing damage could require additional security deposit or may result in denial.
  • Rental history with disturbance complaints may result in denial.
  • Any collection filed by a property management company/landlord may result in denial.
  • Any unlawful-detainer action or eviction may result in denial.

Employment and Income Conditions:

  • Monthly household gross income should be equal to or greater than three (3) times the monthly rent.
  • Household income that does not meet three (3) times monthly rent may require additional security deposit and/or monthly advance payments of rent or may result in denial.
  • If employed, current paycheck stubs or offer letter of employment will be required.
  • Proof of income and/or verifiable funds for rent payments will be required for unemployed applicant(s).
  • Self-employed applicant(s) will be required to provide proof of income by tax returns.
  • Seasonal employees may require additional security deposit and/or monthly advance payments of rent.

Credit/Criminal Conditions:

  • Collections may result in denial or require additional security deposit and/or monthly advance payments of rent.
  • Any applicant(s) with a bankruptcy not showing as discharged may result in denial.
  • After a discharged bankruptcy, applicant(s) must show proof of positive established credit and may require additional security deposit/monthly advance payments of rent.
  • We do not automatically exclude rental applicants based on criminal history. Any criminal history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, and/or what the rental applicant has done since the conviction.