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It's About Relationships

Windermere Real Estate & Property Management in Arizona is committed to you.

In 1972, John Jacobi set out to change the real estate industry by putting relationships before sales quotas, with an emphasis on service to our clients and our community. Over 45 years later, this mission has helped grow Windermere into one of the largest independent real estate companies in the nation, with more than 300 offices and 6,000 agents throughout the Western U.S. and Mexico.

While the real estate industry has changed substantially over the years, our core values of relationships, community, collaboration, and professionalism have remained central to how we do business, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our vision is maintaining excellent customer service to our clients and customers. We believe communication is key to the success of our business. Setting expectations with experience and knowledge helps our clients understand market conditions and pricing.

Owning investment rental property can have significant financial risks. We can reduce those risks a great deal with our professional services and expert managers understanding owners individual needs of their property. We build relationships upon trust.

Our Services Do Not Cost. It Pays!

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