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Travel Insurance – Rental Guardian


  • Standard Travel Protection @ 7.0%
  • Cancel for Any Reason @ 10.8%

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  • Standard: Protects up to 100% of traveler’s expenses for all covered trip cancellation or interruption reasons.
  • Cancel for Any Reason: up to 100% of traveler’s expenses for all covered trip cancellation or interruption reasons (or) up to 60% of traveler’s expenses for trip cancellation reasons not listed in the policy.

Top Covered Reasons:

  1. Sickness, Accidental Injury or death
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Road Closures

COVID Related Covered Reasons:

  1. Illness or death of traveler or anyone in their traveling party;
  2. Illness or death of immediate family member;
  3. Medical Quarantine issued to a specific named traveler or someone in their traveling party.

Who Can Purchase:

  • Standard Travel Protection: US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Residents
  • Cancel for Any Reason: Available for US residents ONLY in 47 states, excluding the residents of: NY, WA, and NH states.

When Can They Purchase:

  • Standard Travel Protection:
    • At time of initial booking;
    • At any time WHEN 30 days or more from check in date.
    • At time of booking or within +5 days of booking WHEN less than 30 days from check in date.
  • Cancel For Any Reason: Coverage may be purchased at the following times:
  • At time of initial booking or Within 14 days of initial booking.
  • No purchases allowed less than 30 days before check in date.

Claims: Guest Needs…

  1. Copy of their Rental Agreement
  2. Copy of their Receipts: (banking, credit-card, etc.)
  3. Cancellation Notice:
    1. The date they cancelled
    2. Amount refunded (if any)

How a Guest Files a Claim: (see attached)

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Our RentalGuardian Support Team is always on stand-by for immediate needs: 888.885.5550 x 2 or [email protected]