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Guest Ready Requirements

If your property is a condominium or in a Community Association, please review your Community Association’s Governing Documents with regard to any rules and regulations, by-laws, covenants and/or restrictions on renting your property.

Guests have expectations when renting a vacation rental home. As an owner, you will want to meet or exceed their expectations.  This will improve guest reviews and build your returning guest list. In order for your home to be guest ready, here are some of the items that will be needed as a minimum:

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Bakeware (casserole dish, baking sheets, etc.)
Coffee Maker/Mugs
Complete set of Silverware
Cooking Spices (salt, pepper and other spices)
Cooking Utensils
Cookware (Pots & Pans)
Cutting Board/Knife Set
Dish Towels
Food Storage Containers and Lids
Garbage Can
Glassware for Kitchen and Bar
Measuring cups
Miscellaneous Kitchen Supplies (paper towels, napkins, plastic wrap, foil, sealable bags, garbage bags, etc.)
Plasticware for pool and patio area
Sets of Plates, bowls, dessert plates
Tea Kettle

Quality Linens Required

1 comforter (2 Duvet covers per bed)
4 pillows (2 sets of pillow cases per bed)
Sheet/Fitted Sheet (2 sets for each bed)


Waste Basket
Plunger for each bathroom
Hair Dryer
Beach towels (optional for pools)
Bath Rugs and Bath Mats
2 towel sets per guest (wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel)


10 piece tool set
Alarm Clock in every Bedroom
Broom & Dust Pan and Mop
DVD Blu-Ray
High Speed Internet with WiFi and password
Ice Chest/Cooler
Iron/Ironing Board
Step Stool
Stereo (recommend iPod Dock)
TV (Recommend flat screen per room)

Note:   Due to the hard water and calcium content, we highly recommend Filtered Water Systems.